Rental units of nearly every size

Office Spaces

In addition to the classical horizontal layout, spaces on different floors or even different buildings can be combined, meaning that just about any requirements can be met

The DOMINIUM rental spaces with their efficient window configuration options allow tenants a free hand in designing the spaces according to their individual needs – whether that means an open space, shared or individual offices. Every working configuration can be drawn up. And if that is not enough, you can also spread out in one of the various lounges or in the cafeteria.

Office areas

Selective, together or in good company: New work has many facets, from concentrated work to the gathered event

The Dominium gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. The modular working landscape allows dozens of conceivable room scenarios on nine floors - and in between there are always free spaces in which you can think, talk and network freely.

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Coworking Spaces

More than just temporary workstations

The Coworking spaces offer everyone the possibility of working with maximum flexibility and enjoying the benefits of a professional business atmosphere – from project workers to company departments. Whether they prefer shutting out the outside world or the open- ness of the coworking lounge, there is a diverse array of space options available to users.

Conference Spaces

Space to meet, move and mingle

The DOMINIUM meeting system provides a rich array of features for agile working methods. Whiteboard walls, flexible furnishings and different spatial arrangements can serve conference formats from training sessions, seminars or traditional meetings to one-to-one discussions. There is also the option of full service breakout areas with excellent catering. Photocopying and coffee bars are a matter of course at DOMINIUM, as are the furnishings and design of an ever-changing workplace environment. The in-house support uses plug and play to switch entire office areas into purpose-oriented working environments.

Event Spaces

Work isn’t everything ...

DOMINIUM’s reception and conference areas can be transformed into event spaces in the blink of an eye. For example, the meeting area on the ground floor can be made into a breakout area for networking when conference attendees leave their meetings. The work labs on the seventh floor are used to round off a day of hard work and new insights while sitting on cushions with a well-earned drink, admiring the panoramic view of Cologne.

Standing receptions, an exclusive dinner, a networking event or a relaxing beer after work are available with in-house support guaranteeing success, with everything from catering and technological assistance to a DJ and photographer, with space for up to 200 people.


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